# Introduction

Hi, this is Ela, nice to meet you! As you see, I am a pegasus. I have an extraordinary passion in this internet world. Let me guess, if you are using a large screen to browse this page, you may be able to see my cutie mark 🌙.

At present, I am still a undergraduate student, focusing on Cyberspace Security, and I am also good at Go, Python and front-end work.

# About My Name

Ela /ˈɛlə/, this is my English nickname. And my Chinese nickname is called 埃拉 /āi lā/.

Let's talk about the history of my nickname. You may have noticed a detail about my avatar. I like green very much. I have the same name as one of the operators in Rainbow Six | Siege, the green-haired lady Ela from Poland. That's why my usual ID is ElaBosak233.

# About My Basic Info

Born in February, 2005.

The worldview belongs to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Don't have a fixed residence, can fall asleep with just a cloud.

Duty is to guard other ponies in the dark.

Capable of controlling small-scale storms.

Very poor at mathematics. One of the regrets in life is not being able to understand mathematics. (Ela's physics score is higher than math!)

# About My Ponieality

  • Sensitive, causing a bit of nervousness.
  • Also eager to be cared for by other ponies.
  • Usually very gentle, but sometimes it becomes very irritable.
  • Flight speed is not fast, unless it is a critical moment.
  • Be very frank with friends. It's difficult for me to pretend emotions.

# About My Cutie Mark

The subject of my cutie mark is the moon. The moon represents guardianship.

During a flight, she encountered a storm, but rarely managed to manage it successfully. At first, she didn't feel like she had done anything, until she realized that she had actually saved several stray fillies from the storm's suffering. She found it great to guard other ponies, so she obtained the cutie mark.

# About My Hobbies

  • Game software IntelliJ IDEA. Hundreds of hours of gameplay. I've wasted most of my life on this game.
  • Game series The Legend of Zelda. Maybe I was a great swordsman to save the princess Zelda.
  • Animation My Little Pony. See my avatar and my cutie mark, no more explanation. I love RD&TS so much.
  • Game software Minecraft. I learned Java from it. (also Jvav)
  • FPS game softwares Valorant, Apex Legends, Overwatch. I learned English from them. (not serious)
  • Tetris game softwares Tetris Effect Connected, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Tetris 99. They all make me enjoyable! And my favorite TEC level is Metamorphosis.

# Contact Me