# Introduction

Hi, this is Ela, nice to meet you! As you see, I am a pegasus. I have an extraordinary passion in this internet world. Let me guess, if you are using a large screen to browse this page, you may be able to see my cutie mark 🌙.

At present, I am still a undergraduate student, focusing on Cyberspace Security (but major in Computer Science), and I am also good at Python and front-end work. Additionally, I enjoy accepting new things, such as Go and Rust.

# About My Name

Ela /ˈɛlə/, this is my English nickname. And my Chinese nickname is called 埃拉 /āi lā/.

Let's talk about the history of my nickname. You may have noticed a detail about my avatar. I like green very much. I have the same name as one of the operators in Rainbow Six | Siege, the green-haired lady Ela from Poland. That's why my usual ID is ElaBosak233.

# About My Basic Info

Born in February, 2005.

The worldview belongs to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Don't have a fixed residence, can fall asleep with just a cloud.

Duty is to guard other ponies in the dark.

Capable of controlling small-scale storms.

Very poor at mathematics. One of the regrets in life is not being able to understand mathematics. (Ela's physics score is higher than math!)

# About My Ponieality

  • Sensitive, causing a bit of nervousness.
  • Also eager to be cared for by other ponies.
  • Usually very gentle, but sometimes it becomes very irritable.
  • Flight speed is not fast, unless it is a critical moment.
  • Be very frank with friends. It's difficult for me to pretend emotions.

# About My Cutie Mark (2nd version)

The subject of my cutie mark is the moon. The moon 🌙 represents guardianship, and star ⭐ means companionship.

# About My Hobbies

  • Game software IntelliJ IDEA. Hundreds of hours of gameplay. I've wasted most of my life on this game.
  • Game series The Legend of Zelda. Maybe I was a great swordsman to save the princess Zelda.
  • Animation My Little Pony. See my avatar and my cutie mark, no more explanation. I love RD&TS so much.
  • Game software Minecraft. I learned Java from it. (also Jvav)
  • FPS game softwares Valorant, Apex Legends, Overwatch. I learned English from them. (not serious)
  • Tetris game softwares Tetris Effect Connected, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Tetris 99. They all make me enjoyable! And my favorite TEC level is Metamorphosis.

# Contact Me